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Welcome to the ‘Science of Anfarnd’ – that always results in not just customer satisfaction but ensures customer delight with every collaboration.

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Anfarnd Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary engineering contracting company. Our highly experienced and seasoned workforce enables us to stand true to our promises of offering the best quality innovative deliverables as per the customer requirements.

We started operations in the domains of Pharmaceutical and Packaging Consultancy and Exports and Imports. Our vision further evolved to inculcate a more holistic approach that led us to becoming the single stop solution in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Contracts and Information Technology and related services.

We take pride in calling ourselves “your happiest partners”, as we sum up our efforts to add true comforts to the lives of our customers and stake holders through our expertise in Design Engineering, Project Management and Project Execution.

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Anfarnd values uplifting stakeholder and customer relationships, nurturing employee and community well-being, innovative progressions for sustainable growth, and a continuous quest to conquer new horizons. Anfarnd Infotech Pvt. Ltd. will be recognized as an ever-evolving integrated engineering services provider, the one-stop solution to achieving customer delight across myriad business functions – we, your happiest partners.


We commit to delivering high-quality, cost-effective projects with the help of motivated, proficient & focused individuals. We value our affiliations and continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, clients, and subcontractors. We strive to build and grow long-term relationships with our clients through integrity, accountability, quality deliverables, and superior service.

anfarnd business solutions



Sustainability and Growth

Anfarnd operates within the premise that it is able to sustain operations and scale up in revenues, number of projects, quality of people and services, quantity and geographies of opportunities along with measurable successes with operational expertise.

Welfare of employees

Anfarnd is an employee centric organization that makes sure their people are well taken care of to achieve greater personal and organizational objectives. We believe satisfied and content employees make a secure organization.

Green Innovation

we believe that there is a lot to give back to society as we thrive within. Our innovation, upgrades, consultancy and thought processes are in line with the larger global objectives of a circular economy and a sustainable world.

Social responsibility

we pledge to give back to the society in every possible way. Our corporate social initiatives will help to fill some of the lacunae seen in the country. Giving back to a social cause will be the biggest achievement of the company to add value to the economy.