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The 'Why' Behind Anfarnd

At Anfarnd, we are home to a specialized group of experts who have been the driving force and catalyst to success across a wide range of industries. Our proven credentials will steer your business towards sustainable productivity and profitable heights by delivering the formula for success through a one-stop avenue for all business solutions.


The Science of Anfarnd

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The Need

Read More Need identification is crucial for finding the right problem and providing the correct solution. In any business, the easiest part of selling a solution is finding prospects. The most challenging component is determining which ones would convert. At Anfarnd Business Consultancy Services, we offer our expertise to help you master this art of conversion.
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Read More Strategizing the plan on paper, makes resource allocation for problem-solving easier and more precise. Designing is not just about finding the correct solution and executing it accurately. Designing involves finding zero-waste solutions. Today sustainability is given top priority. Anfarnd doesn't just provide strategy but green solutions so that you can offer only the best to your clients.
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Read More Strategizing and putting the plan into motion are two different things. In reality, executing the plan can involve several complexities. Optimize resource utilization, move as planned, anticipate the changes concerning every crucial contributing factor in the process - both expected and unexpected - and navigate through the strategy accordingly. At Anfarnd Business Consultancy Services we help you realize the system in a smooth and streamlined way to ensure zero waste.
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Read More Don’t ignore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Factor in the losses, break down the defeat elements of the process, prioritize and play on the strengths of the current factors and create stronger backup plans – preempt opportunities and strike. At Anfarnd Business Consultancy Services performs insightful SWOT analysis to help you get a precise understanding of the angles involved.
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Read More What can’t be measured, can’t be improved! Once the adrenaline cools off, it's time to measure results. When you define your plans and actions in terms of measurability, you will enjoy the actual taste of success. When you work with a reputed business consultancy services agency like Anfarnd, you’ll always get data-driven results to measure success. In case of a rare failure scenario, we can always trace back our steps to understand the scope of improvement and the way forward.
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We embody excellence in everything we do. Quality and creativity manifest through us.

The way the human mind is designed to explore each layer of its being when it is pushed to its limits Anfarnd pushes itself without knowing there can ever be an impossibility.

Your best foot forward is where we stand, your trusted partners in everything.

We give your dreams life. We are Anfarnd.

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Fanzy D’Souza
Director, Anfarnd Infotech Pvt Ltd

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