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Graphic Services

Our Design services portfolio includes Graphic Design covering Books, Infographics, typesetting services and marketing collateral.

Book scanning to convert the information into a specified digital data format.

Typesetting services

We process figures, illustrations and redraw artwork based on a Scribble/rough sketch provided by the author.

Typesetting services

A team of visualizers & graphic artists help you create unique, compelling, and visually evoking, together with an apt layout, and customized illustrations.

Typesetting services

We emphasize quick project turnaround, so we provide whiteboard animations, complete designing one infographic, and provide 2D animation.

Typesetting services

We guarantee you quality work for video editing, audio editing, subtitling, animation & storyboard at a much ‘reasonable’ expense.

Typesetting services

Our team of visualizers and graphic artists help you create unique, compelling and visually evoking, together with an apt layout and customized illustrations that reflect your content, helping your eBooks stand out.

Typesetting services


Typesetting services is one of our core functional expertise areas with a dedicated team of professionals who are well learned and experienced in Typesetting. Using the latest trends of concepts, they create their template based on the client's focus. After the content is determined, we begin to start visualizing the layout using a simple Layout style. We always focus on the visual importance and content area size for each element of the page. DigiTek has an in-house dedicated team of skilled and up to date compositors who have worked with the latest pagination software like MS Word, InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX (with/without XML) and delivered key projects. They can cater to requirements for typesetting from 1-color to 4-color. Proficient in all industry-standard software packages, our typesetting department can produce a huge range of work in vastly optimised timeframes.

We provide high-end full composition services for STM books and journals in short TATs as a part of our typesetting services. We handle from simple text to complex mathematics in compliance with a wide variety of design specifications ranging from single-column to multi-column and from single-color to four-color.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific STM journals publishing requirements and present content in ready-to-publish formats for the growing tech-savvy reader base.

We identify and fix the errors about hyperlinking, formatting, typography, style, uneven tone in images, variations in artwork about source files, and more. In addition, we verify the code, check the final output on various e-readers.

Typesetting services

A vast experience in various sorts of data conversion into Word documents. High volume HTML to PDF conversions, images; OCR, HTML to XML; PNM,PNG and PBM to PDF; CHM to HLP/ text and many more!

Typesetting services

Anfarnd has a high repute for quality and timely deliveries. To provide the best typesetting services, our project managers serve as internal representatives to the clients. The project management team is responsible for making effective quality checks with quality assurance and also ensures troubleshooting and resolving issues in production. We have a core competency in making sure that the deliverables are mapped with the client-specific requirements.  Our project manager takes a lead role in training the quality controllers on customer specifications and requirements.

The project manager is also responsible for the collation of pages after the first pass pages are done. The author feedback, the editorial proofreader feedback and publisher feedback are taken into account and resolved with the expertise of a copyeditor to ensure clean pages.

Typesetting services

Anfarnd have been instrumental in providing unique and customized software solutions for automating repetitive manual processes to increase the productivity, improve the quality and provide financial benefits. We also offer software solutions for Web and Mobile.

Typesetting services

I am impressed by the quality of services I received from Anfarnd. Anfarnd team were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered the required services right before time.

S S Publications

Anfarnd is amongst our tenured service providers, we are associated with them since we started sourcing our Graphics related services and they have grown with us over the past 3yrs with improvement in the delivered quality month-on-month at affordable rates. They have a larger team who caters to our requirements and the system setup is pretty smooth. No delay in delivery of the project made them stand out and has built our confidence in them over the years. I look forward to continuing our association for years to come. Thank you Abhijit and team.

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