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Digital Conversion

During the process of conversion only after the manual intervention, the formatting becomes more accurate and concise. We are experts at converting files from the word, XML, HTML and text, printed documents, InDesign and scanned files, to formats like Palm, Smash words, ePub, Kindle, Mobi, Sony BBeB and others. Our digital conversion services include formats that pass all standard checks and are actively used for display on most popular devices.

Anfarnd enables publishers to convert titles into their preferred format to maximize interactivity, mobility and flexibility, and cross-platform compatibility. Anfarnd has expertise in all kinds of conversions from a diversified range of input formats, facilitating.

File Conversion services

Anfarnd’s digital conversion services, include XML conversion, which fulfills all the digital demands and publishing requirements. Through our proprietary XML process, we offer the latest features of XML, HTML, and SGML, including XML entry of scientific text (equations, tables, chemical structures) according to the Document Type Definition (DTD) supplied by our clients. We provide a full spectrum of XML services according to digital formats and online publishing requirements for content repository and multi-device capabilities.

File Conversion services

We have no restrictions for input files and accept PDF, Word, InDesign, Hard Copy, Scanned Images, and other formats. The conversion process is similar to other eBook formats and the level of difficulty is largely dependent on the file to be converted. The word to Kindle services, include extensive use of images, tables, and layout formatting in the book that needs to be converted to Kindle/Mobi increases the complexity of the task.

We assist you in all your Mobi & ePDF conversion requirements via our file conversion services. From delivering superior quality, scalable, and highly profitable eBook production and availability on various sales platforms. Anfarnd helps users in the digital conversion services.

File Conversion services

Making PDF Documents and Forms Accessible to All Persons

Guaranteed PDF Accessibility, Usability, and Standards Compliance

Anfarnd Infotech make your documents accessible to individuals who need to have the document read to them aloud using their computer. To read the document, the end user employs specialized software otherwise referred to as assistive technology (AT).

To be read by this assistive technology, documents need to be modified using tags that allow the screen reader access to the text and images of the document and provide a quality reading experience. Currently, available software is not capable of automatically tagging PDF files for Section 508 certification.

Anfarnd experts tag, check and validate documents for Section 508. The file conversion services come with our unique certification of Section 508 compliance: a simple, no-questions asked guarantee.

There is no substitute for experience. Anfarnd professionals have more than 5 years’ experience in this field for remediating PDF files for Section 508 compliance.

File Conversion services

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